It’s been a year since 417 Taphouse opened its doors in downtown Springfield and in that short amount of time, this comfy, welcoming “nerd” bar has made a name for itself all on its own.

Co-owners Zachary Campbell and Harry Crawford wanted a place to gather with friends in Springfield that was less sports bar and more “nerd” bar and they couldn’t find the right spot. And just like that, the concept for 417 Taphouse was born.

“We just decided to go for it,” said Campbell. “We love what we’ve created here.”


417 Taphouse in Springfield, Missouri.

Campbell uses the term “nerd bar” or “geek bar” to describe 417 Taphouse as an endearing homage to the place’s atmosphere complete with quirky art and collectibles as well as games for all ages. There’s no other establishment in Springfield where you can play Mario Kart on a huge flat screen in comfy chairs while sipping on a craft beer.

“People love the atmosphere in here and love the way we laid everything out,” added Campbell. “We have several different kinds of bars all in one place. You have your lounge area, traditional bar, dining area with taps at the table, a game room and a patio. It’s really a little bit of everything.”

Yes, you read that right — taps at the table. 417 Taphouse is the only joint in Springfield that offers a self-serve draft beer option that includes taps on some tables and a tap wall where you only pay for what you pour.


Monthly barbecue special at 417 Taphouse in Springfield, Missouri.

Besides the craft beer options, full bar and specialty drink menu (try the Star Wars), 417 Taphouse also offers next-level bar food such as delicious hand-cut taters and chicken & waffles. 417 Taphouse is a much-needed addition to downtown Springfield’s food and drink scene. It’s different, it’s relaxed, it’s fun and it’s for nerds of all kinds.

“You can come in here and relive your teenage years and your youth,” added Campbell. “We've got vintage board games and 80’s video games that you can play. There’s something in here for everyone.”

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