Rebekah Santiago smashes a colorful piece of glass with a hammer and it shatters into tiny pieces that will soon be used to create a piece of art. 

She’s demonstrating the process at her fused glass studio, Creative Escape Glass, where the magic happens. Creative Escape Glass is a full working studio where visitors can create works of art with a personal touch.

“Because this is a unique concept, there isn’t another fused glass studio in the area.” said Santiago. “There are a few of them around the country, but it’s still is a new enough business concept, that you’re not going to find similar things, so it is really something unique for Springfield!”

Visitors to Creative Escape Glass get a quick glass cutting lesson, showing them how the tools work, how the glass will actually break and how they’ll create their piece of art.

“Then they pick their project, they pick their glass and we’ll answer questions as they go along the way,” added Santiago. “So, they’re physically building their piece.”


Creative Escape Glass in Springfield, Missouri.

The pieces are then put into a kiln, where they’ll cook at very high temperatures, which turns the glass from multiple pieces into a single piece of art. Santiago says at Creative Escape Glass anyone, no matter their skill level, can be an artist.

Bobby Gross, blogger and author of Living in Retrospect, say she loved her experience at Creative Escape Glass.  


Finished glass pieces at Creative Escape Glass in Springfield, Missouri.

“I'm no artist, but with Rebekah's help, I was able to create a piece I am proud of,” said Gross. “I think anyone can create beauty at Creative Escape. It's not nearly as difficult as it looks or sounds.”

There are open studio times available where you can walk in, pick your project and being creating or you can call ahead and make a reservation. Special events, groups and party session are also available. Visit the Creative Escape Calendar for details. 

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