Cruse Dog Park

Cruse Dog Park is the first off-leash dog park in Springfield, MO. Officially ‘unleashed’ in November 2008, the park is a six-acre, fenced facility for dogs to go off-leash to run, play, socialize and exercise. There is a 4 1/2-acre section for large dogs and a one and a half-acre section for small dogs.

The park is for registered users only. There is a daily pass for those just passing through town or who wish to ‘test’ the park before becoming a member. Please note you must provide a current Certificate of Vaccination for Rabies, Parvo, Distemper and Bordetella.

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Address 2100 W. Catalpa St., Springfield, MO
Phone (417) 864-1049
Price Registration required. $25 per dog per season, with a maximum of two dogs. Daily Pass available for $10 (per dog), limit of 2 dogs per owner + $10 deposit. Daily fee cannot be applied towards an annual pass.

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