The Senate Appropriations Committee today approved a $10 million increase for the Missouri Division of Tourism.

The budget will now go to the full Senate where it is expected to be approved. Because the House and Senate versions of the budget are different it will then go to a Joint Conference Committee.

That means the Division of Tourism will receive an increase between the $5 million approved by the House and the $10 million approved by the Senate, bringing the division’s budget to about $24 million next fiscal year.

That’s great news after the past several years of flat budget for the Division of Tourism.

According to a performance-based funding formula (RSMo.620.467) established by state legislation, the budget for the Division of Tourism should be about $34 million.

The Missouri Division of Tourism markets the state as a travel destination through a variety of programs, including advertising, public relations, etc. It also has a Cooperative Marketing Program in which Destination Marketing Organizations, such as the Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau, match funds for marketing programs.