The CVB’s Group Sales Department hosts groups, showcases the city to event planners, represents Springfield at trade shows, and more. Their goal is to generate group business that brings thousands of visitors and millions in economic impact to the city.

Recent Success

The sales team and sports commission booked 44 groups and assisted 27 since the fiscal year began on July 1. The CVB estimates the impact of these groups to be about 122,615 attendees, 40,379 room nights, and an economic impact of $17.8 million.

An upcoming event of note is the Missouri Common Ground Alliance at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in December. About 1,500 will attend, generating 1,000 room nights and $721,600 in economic impact. Another noteworthy group is the Midwest Cheer & Dance Springfield Showdown. With approximately 2,500 expected attendees and nearly 500 room nights, the estimated economic impact is $396,725 when the event takes place in March.

Promoting the City

The group sales staff represents the city at national and regional trade shows to network with meeting and event planners. Recent and upcoming events include the following:

  • Connect Marketplace
  • Missouri Event Summit
  • Small Market Meetings
  • Connect Faith Marketplace
  • Connect DC Marketplace
  • Travel South

The sales team conducted familiarization tours and site visits for 17 meetings and event planners since July 1. Those planners are looking at the city to see if it fits their group events well.  Those efforts resulted in four groups under contract, and others are pending.

Click Download Document below to see a list of groups coming to the city in the next several weeks.