It is the season of events! We have all been cooped up and bored for so long and are ready to get back out and have some fun!

Here are a few tips for adding an event to our calendar so you have big crowds attend. 

Check to see if it has already been added as we do our best to add events as we hear about them. To check the event calendar, choose the date of your event. All events happening that day will pop up and you can scroll through them. 

  • To be considered for the calendar, events should:
  • be located within the Springfield metropolitan area
  • be non-partisan and non-political
  • provide entertainment, food or other attractions to a diverse population
  • promote the economic benefits of tourism or enhance the quality of life of the community
  • be open to the public (for free or cost)

To add an event, go to for a form you can fill in with the details of your event.

Crowd of people at an outdoor event.

Filling out the Form

When entering event information, Be sure to be as complete as possible. Events with incomplete information may not be approved.

Contact Information

Enter information for the primary contact associated with the event in case we need to reach out to you with questions. This will not appear on the website.

Event Information 

  • Title - Enter the event name you want it to appear on the website.
  • Event category – Choose one or more categories for the event. You can select more than one category by holding down the ctrl button and clicking multiple categories. 
  • Host organization – Who is putting on the event?
  • Venue – Where is the event taking place? This is a dropdown, choose the venue from the dropdown or add your own.  
  • Admission – Price to attend event. If it’s free, put it here.
  • Email and phone - This will appear on the site for those who have questions about your event. 
  • Event website – Where attendees can go to get more information, tickets, etc. 
  • Start and end times – Time the event starts and ends. If there is no specific end time, just put a start time. 
  • Upload images – Photos are encouraged to help draw attention to your event. 
  • Event description – A brief description of the event.
  • Start – A calendar will pop up. Just click on the first day of your event.

Event Duration 

  • One day – Event lasts one day only.
  • Recurrence: For events that recur multiple times choose the appropriate settings based on how often it occurs. Additional options may be available depending on the setting chosen. 
  • Custom - Allows you to pick dates that do not occur sequentially. Enter a date and click “Add Date” to add as many dates as you would like. 

After you have submitted your event and it has been approved, it will show up on the website within a few hours. 

If you need assistance, please contact Shelly Grauberger at