The Springfield Sports Commission and Springfield Esports Coalition announced a successful bid to host the Missouri Esports Federation Fall Brawl Championship. The event takes place Dec. 1-2 at The Riff, a state-of-the-art venue at Classic’s Yard in Springfield.

The event is a result of establishing the Springfield Esports Coalition in December 2022. The coalition, created by the Springfield Sports Commission, brings together people who can develop, advocate, and enrich the esports culture and grow local tourism through gaming events. 

The coalition consists of a committee of the Springfield Sports Commission with representation from its board of directors and the support of Contender Esports and the region’s gaming community. The Springfield Esports Coalition is member-based and open to the gaming community.

Lance Kettering, Executive Director of the Springfield Sports Commission, emphasized the significance of the achievement.

"Our vision for the Springfield Esports Coalition is to tap into the thriving esports market,” Kettering said. “Securing the opportunity to host this event demonstrates the recognition of our enthusiasm and commitment. We're excited about this collaboration with MOSEF and look forward to a future filled with more esports opportunities for our community."

Mark Hecquet, President/CEO of the Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau, applauded the commission and Springfield Esports Coalition for making significant headway in harnessing the emerging sport of gaming. 

“The dedication of the people involved in the Springfield Sports Commission and Springfield Esports Coalition is commendable,” Hecquet said. “With continued success in hosting esports events, Springfield can become a national hub for gaming tourism.”

The MOSEF Fall Brawl Championship, which will generate $45,000 in economic impact on the local economy, is a hallmark event in its fourth year, attracting top talent from across the state. The two-day extravaganza will showcase competition in two esports titles: Rocket League and Overwatch 2. 

Rocket League, a dynamic fusion of soccer and vehicular mayhem, features 12 teams competing for glory. The division will be split into two categories: the Large School Division comprising eight schools and the Small School Division with four schools. Meanwhile, the Overwatch 2 tournament features eight schools battling it out in the Overwatch MO Esports Community Season.

All the action will unfold at The Riff, a venue with a stage equipped to accommodate ten competitors, complete with a captivating video screen overhead. This cutting-edge facility, known for its concert-grade sound and lighting system, is poised to provide an immersive experience for competitors and spectators. The venue has a dedicated broadcasting area, ensuring that fans across the esports community can be part of the excitement.

Tony Gragnani, President of MOSEF, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are incredibly excited to bring our fall finals to Springfield. The Springfield Sports Commission is at the forefront of supporting and hosting scholastic esports. Witnessing Missouri's students compete at the highest level on the grand stage in Springfield is a moment we eagerly anticipate."

The collaborative efforts of Caleb, Cameron, and Mark Schwien, representing Classic's Yard, are an integral part of this groundbreaking partnership. They shared their excitement about weaving together the vibrant atmosphere of Classic Rock Coffee, the impressive stage and production capabilities of The Riff, and the social sport and game center at Classic's Yard. This union aims to create an unparalleled two-day gaming extravaganza, fostering camaraderie and celebrating the skill, teamwork, and innovation within the esports realm.

Classic’s Yard, 1900 W. Sunset St., is a haven for indoor social sport and game enthusiasts. Boasting a range of activities, including pickleball, fowling, Connect 4 basketball, golf simulator, table tennis, and more, Classic’s Yard provides a comprehensive entertainment experience. Its full-service kitchen and coffee shop offer hand-crafted delights, rounding out the complete entertainment package.

About the Springfield Sports Commission

The Springfield Sports Commission is a mission-driven organization working to contribute to the economic development of Springfield by bringing quality sporting events to the Springfield area.

About the Springfield Esports Coalition

Formed in 2022 by the Springfield Sports Commission, the mission of the Springfield Esports Coalition is to use gaming for good by developing, advocating, and enriching the esports culture in the Greene County area. The coalition aims to drive awareness and engagement by harnessing the growing power and influence of esports. Producing events locally and regionally with an emphasis on promoting them nationally will help attract economic value for investing in more projects, such as scholarship programs at local high schools, statewide events, and university competitions in the Midwest.

About the Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Convention & Visitors Bureau is the official destination marketing organization for Greene, Christian, and Polk counties in southwest Missouri. Based in Springfield, the largest metro area in the region, the CVB focuses on boosting the local economy by creating marketing initiatives that grow tourism and entice planners to choose Springfield for group business, including conventions, meetings, and sporting events.

About the Missouri Esports Federation

MOSEF, a non-profit organization representing over 180 associated high schools and middle schools across Missouri, is dedicated to advancing esports awareness and competition throughout the state. By organizing and promoting esports competitions and related events, MOSEF continues to drive the growth of the esports community.


  • Lance Kettering, Springfield Sports Commission, 417-881-5300
  • Tony Gragnani, Missouri Esports Federation, 573-355-1487
  • Susan Wade, Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau, 417-881-5300