The Missouri Organic Association’s 2014 Annual Conference is set for Feb. 6-8 in Springfield, Mo.

This educational conference will be the fifth annual regional conference hosted by the Missouri Organic Association with participants gathering primarily from the four-state region of Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma but also participating from across the nation.

Participants are comprised of farmers, ranchers, scientists, health officials, book authors, and consumers who want to learn more about the foods they produce and consume. During the three-day conference there will be 54 hands-on workshops teaching farming practices (horticulture, grain and livestock production), sustainable living practices, marketing techniques and health and consumer awareness workshops.  All workshop sessions are open to the public.

Consumer awareness workshops include:

Feb. 6- This full-day workshop is presented by Dr. Don M. Huber, professor emeritus from Purdue University. Huber will teach about the correlation of GMOs and glysophates and the health of plants, animals and humans. Huber explains that his research has linked GMOs and the use of glysophates to cancers in mice, pigs and other animals and he fears the same results are happening in human bodies.

Feb. 7- Consumers, health officials, dieticians and educators are invited to participate in an overlapping Food Policy Workshop, “Growing Healthy Communities: Impact of Food Policy and Regional Food System Management on Health.”  The Food Policy Workshop will feature Mark Winne, a 40-year advocate for establishing local food systems for the health of communities and families. Joining Winne will be Dr. Francis Thicke, Iowa Kellogg’s Fellow for Food Policy; Patty Cantrell, Director of Healthy Living Alliance (HLA)/YMCA and several health officials and local advocates working to establish a food infrastructure in the Springfield area.

If interested in attending the “Meet the Farmer Reception” Feb. 6 or the Wine Tasting & Book Signing followed by the benefit dinner of local organic foods and live benefit auction Feb. 7, tickets may be purchased in advance for $25 for each of the night’s activities.

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