Superheroes are on the job when it comes to keeping people healthy in Springfield, Missouri, during the current pandemic.

The Masked Mandate and the Fabulous 6-Foot Woman star in a video created for the Convention & Visitors Bureau by Jeff Houghton, a local comedian and host of “The Mystery Hour,” a nationally broadcast, late-night talk show filmed in Springfield. 

Sporting a form-fitting blue bodysuit accessorized with bright yellow rubber gloves, rain boots and a cape, The Masked Mandate helps people who need a mask or hand sanitizer. The Fabulous 6-Foot Woman’s superpower is creating space between people using nothing but her own height to keep everyone at a safe distance.

The goal is to encourage people to follow the city’s masking ordinance and social distancing protocols put in place to help stop the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. The CVB is encouraging people to share the video on their social media accounts, where it has already been viewed and shared more than 20,000 times.

The video shares a serious message in a funny and entertaining way, said Megan Buchbinder, marketing director at the CVB, a nonprofit marketing agency dedicated to promoting the Springfield area as a travel destination.

“We wanted to find a way to showcase all of the ways Springfield is keeping people safe during this pandemic, but that doesn't always mean that message can't be delivered in a creative way,” Buchbinder said. “Working with one of Springfield's own creatives was a way that we could show off all that Springfield has to offer while under a masking ordinance.”

The video is one of several marketing initiatives the CVB launched this fall to encourage travel to the city and to do so in a safe way. 

“Travel is so important to the economy, and we want that to continue,” Buchbinder said. “However, we want people to be as safe as possible when they come to Springfield and hopefully this campaign serves as a reminder to wear a mask and practice social distancing while they explore the city.”

Houghton said his team was excited about being part of the project. 

“We were so happy to partner with the Springfield CVB on this video” Houghton said. “COVID-19 should be taken seriously, and we hope this video will grab people's attention. We're proud to do our part to spread the word, and if doing our part involves spandex, so be it.”

For more information about CVB marketing programs, contact Megan Buchbinder at mbuchbinder@springfield or call 417-881-5300, ext. 104. For more information about Springfield as a travel destination, call 800-678-8767 or visit